Saturday, May 13, 2017


Daily Draw: Wildwood Tarot ~ 8 of Swords/Arrows

I've been sitting here for twenty-five minutes, furious, looking at this card, looking at googles return of 8 of Swords, looking at my blog for Greenwood 8 of Swords, looking at nature, and back to this.

I'm reminded by this deck, it has a convoluted backstory. I've had a  number of decks over the years I didn't care for, a few a really disliked, all have been traded or sold off. For the first time ever, I'm dropping deck and book in the burn barrel. I expect it to be cathartic.

a false, absurd, or distorted representation of something.


  1. I did that with that one deck earlier this year, it belonged in the trash. If I felt that negative about it, then it just needed to be disposed off.

    1. I did hold the moon card out, I collect those. Trimmed I'll never remember what deck it is from

  2. I've had decks not appeal to me, but never felt *that* pissed off! I just ignore them, figuring someday they'll look more attractive. Usually they're then ignored forever. I do, however, admire your decisiveness and your willingness to turf something that irritates the hell out of you. -Kate

    1. Never had it happen to me before but I would never have bought this deck because of the back story. Even free it is a terrible fit! Thanks for stopping by Kate, I expect your HimSelf is about in full plow and plant state?

    2. Sharon,
      What is the backstory? I'll go look it up.
      HimSelf isn't able to get into the field yet; the ground is still too wet and soft from last fall. I heard him tell someone at the house concert we were at last night that seeing other farmers in the field just 20 miles from here makes him anxious because he feels he needs to be out there too. -Kate

  3. It didn't take me long to pass on my copy either. Somehow felt as if it was a Greenwood with the soul sucked out lf it.


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