Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Daily Draw: Elemental Tarot ~ 4 of Coins

My eye focused on Clay this morning, thinking of the garden here with lots of clay soil. Which clumps in spite of tons of amendments over the last twenty years.

I'm reminded by this card we probably shouldn't bother, good money and time thrown in the soil might be better stewarded elsewhere. But property is the foundation of the four of coins, a literal concept most anyone can understand and grow into a cornerstone of their worldly goods.

A little clay google showed an amazing amount of uses for the substance, I'm totally impressed. While cursing and altering my own, clay is out there practically moving the world commerce.


  1. We've got about 1/4" of topsoil, and the rest hard clay for at least a foot or more. Flooding washed most of the good stuff away. Now I use pots or raised beds if I want to plant something.

  2. Now I am curious about all the possibilities of clay. I saw the other day someone used a clay terra cotta pot lined with foil and added charcoal briquets, for a tiny fire pit and toasted marshmallows. I might give that a try on one of my star-gazing nights.

    1. what a cute idea. I had a clay bread baking pot and sent it to the goodwill a couple of months ago, I hadn't used it in 15 years or so I never would. Right? Not sorry it is gone.

      Have you seen those giant marshmallows...takes six bites!

    2. Well now I am going to toast giant marshmallows. Yummy

    3. they have to be black to be legal. They have to be burnt to provide at least six layers. It is the law of marshmallow. My maiden name was mallow. All the nurses advised mom to name me marsha. can you imagine?

  3. We had clay soil When I was a child. I can remember how my father broke his shovel when He was spading his garden. And the pain in his back afterwards

  4. Better clay than concrete and pebble which someone in their wisdom did to our front garden. At the back the bushes on either sides are almost touching in the middle and dozens of birds have made their homes. I would like to see the sun again but pruning means evicting our feathered friends. It's a dilemma...


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