Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Daily Draw: Animals Divine Tarot ~ 6 of Coins

Ripples of reciprocity spreading out from good works.

Bar none we live in the most generous country in the world.
Yet a proportion of people and/or their children keep trying to hide assets from the government so they don't have to pay their own way in senior care homes.

I'd gotten this far in my thoughts then closed my blog and went out to mow our lawn. (Seven+ miles of walking, now half finished).
I do not know why my mind always sees the dark side. Like newspapers, bad news is more interesting and sells more papers? But I'm not looking for eyeballs, I write my posts for me. Is this just a place to let out mental rants? If so that is a pretty stinky way to use my precious time.

I don't know where my blog is heading but I have four knee high stacks of decks I'm going to put up on ebay or amazon. Leaving me with the best of the cream of the best. Then perhaps my posts will also reflect the best of me.


  1. Now I've seen you lawn in the picture you've sent us I find that even more impressive than before. I think with every deck, with the "creme de la creme" your mind will be able to find a the dark side. Otherwise you should onely keep or buy some Doreen Virute Decks! :)

  2. I suppose we can share resentments or resources; probably depends on our frame of mind.


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