Thursday, July 27, 2017

No Slatterns Here

Daily Draw: Druidcraft Tarot ~ Queen of Coins

Remember the days when mothers were referred to as housewives? And our grandmothers would use the word slattern if the home was in disarray? There have always been Queens who worked outside the home in all professions, not just doing 'women's work' as nurses, teachers, waitresses, cleaners, office help...

I'm reminded by this Queen, of Brenda's mother, a switchboard operator.  I thought it must be the most glamorous job on the planet. And my aunt Gloria and Theresa's Grandma Bessie who cleaned banks. Can you imagine? Being the only one in a bank? All that said to say, a working mother must be special goddess, how they manage to do it all is a great mystery to me.


  1. "slattern" thank you for this word!
    Those women must be like the Goddess Durga; each arm doing a different job :)

  2. Never heard the word slattern until now. My Mother was a switchboard operator of about 8 months and then she married my dad who felt like her place was barefoot and pregnant. Too bad; she would have been with AT&T from the start and oh boy the dividends from all those stock splits. What a different life she could have lived.

  3. A switchboard operator was my MIL's first job when she was just a lass. She worked the all-night shift and fell asleep one night. Her boyfriend took the hinges off the door to get in and wake her so she wouldn't lose her job. :D

  4. my mom worked for a fountain pen company, her job was quality checking the cap clips. It was just for a short while before she married. She is have, in her souvenir box a Pepsi Cola pen with a little bottle of pop on the top. Probably be worth something now, but many things are by the time they get 75 years old.


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