Friday, July 7, 2017

Shouldering Ganesha

Daily Draw: Animals Divine ~ High Priest

This iconic figure serves to thwart obstacles and give guidance. Come out come out where ever you are.

I'm reminded that he probably does; how many times does my mind say "umm, not the best idea" and I rush right on?
The pool table in our first apartment, with about two feet to spare on the long sides. I got pretty good at verticle cueing.
Buying the whole series of Supernatural. We made it through part of the first season of make a circle with salt set creature on fire. Snooze.

Those are pretty funny missteps and didn't break the bank, but really, what was I thinking?


  1. Makes me think of all the tarot and oracle decks I've bought over the years. Took me a while before I asked myself, "Do you really like this deck, or are you just looking for the rush of buying something new?"

  2. Perhasp that is why he has such big ears! To remind us to listen to him :)


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