Monday, July 10, 2017

The Degree

Daily Draw: Tarocco Piemotese ~ 10 of Swords

It is all in the degree, isn't it? If you are painting and step in the roller tray, that could be a 10.  Certainly, swear worthy, but not the tower.

This card makes me wonder at what point does it become more than a 10 and segue into the Majors territory.
Stepping into the tray, slipping, and breaking a leg?
Find baby sipping from the paint tray?
Find you are a pint short of paint? And it is an hour drive to the store?
The spouse comes home and pitches a regular shite storm about the mess, which becomes about dinner three weeks ago, which leads to were you flirting at the last party. I think we've passed 10...


  1. I think some folk's ten would be another someone's two...

  2. The great spiral of 'out of control.'

  3. I won't bother you with my swords, but during Summer I get to ten much faster than in Wintertime. My memory serves me also quite well when have reached ten :D


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