Tuesday, July 4, 2017

With or Without

Daily Draw: Animals Devine ~ Knight of Cup

Does our life flow, or jerk, bob, drag bottom, get caught in snags, drown a bit, and flow once again?  All of the above.

I'm reminded by this Knight how resilient human beings are. Bombs go off, bridges fall down, leaders go off the rails. It is the smallness of our individuality that protects us from the big things. Because life flows on, with or without us, over or under us.


  1. I often forget this when my personal life is chaotic; I forget that life continues to flow around Bev the Boulder. :D

  2. Reminds me that time between sleep and awake.

  3. The smallness of our individuality protects us. This is something I am grateful for on a daily basis. Otherwise I wouldn't know how to cope with the horrors of this world


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