Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Heart of Honey

Daily Draw: Victorian Fairy Tarot ~ Strength/Fortitude

Strength. Move with the body
Fortitude. Move with the mind.
Does she raise bees or are the bees oblivious to her?

We used to raise bees, they were oblivious to us.
All gone now, hive fail. I still have two quarts of honey left.
I horde it, saved for pizza dough and seedy muffins only.

From my KalamaQuilts blog:
How much honey does a bee make in a day? Less than you would think. In the six week lifespan a honey bee produces less than a teaspoon. So if I got 4-1/2 gallons from our two hives, you tell me how many working bees we had. And you'll better understand why drones are kicked to the curb once the queen is fertilized.

Honey, natures gift from natures hardest workers.