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Thursday, August 31, 2017


Daily Draw: Native American Tarot ~ 7 of Cups

Dedicated to Salmon. I learned this week that hippopotamuses can't swim. Yet they are usually presented in water. They bob, they float, they can stay underwater for five minutes and even when they are sleeping their instinct kicks in and they automatically drift up to the top for air. The water life is because their skin is easily burned.

What does that have to do with salmon? Absolutely nothing, same as salmon and the seven of cups. The same as tarot has to do with Native American practices.  Nothing.

I'm spring cleaning the quilt room this week inspired by a broken shelf. Which always involves FlyLady principles. As the Salmon is shown swimming uphill, so does my effort to be lean clean uncluttered. Once salmon spawn they turn into redbacks and die. That is probably the way I'll eventually be found. All scraped up and smothered by the things that were whims.  Salmon. 7 of Cups. What can I say.

"It is a process" ~ Billy Crystal  Analyze That


  1. Ha ha! What can I say... nothing but really laughing out loud! You are hilarious! :D

  2. I recently saw a post on social media, Hippos, Elephants, and Buffalo all eat lots of greens and do a lot of walking and they are some of the largest land animals - take away - forget all the salads. I say go with the salmon but I don't eat seafood, or as stated before not much meat of any kind. I love your sassy way of thinking.

  3. I'll take my salmon grilled, thank you. Flylady has turned you into a cleaning and organizing marvel.


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