Monday, August 7, 2017

No Healer Here

Daily Draw: Tarot of the Origins ~ 9 of Wands/Nature

Reaping the benefits.

I looks like he has made it home from the wars in fair shape, weapon a little worse for the wear. In truth there are always more weapons where that one came from, one of the main truths of war.

Rob was just home from two tours in 'Nam when I met him. Although I knew the war from the six o'clock news, although I knew many men who went, fought, some coming home in a box, it is only as I mature, and watch the same thing happening again, that I realize what a leap it is from desert or jungle to downtown USA.  I wish I could have been a better support for the transition. I just didn't understand. I did give him love though, perhaps that was the medicine he needed at the time.


  1. He is a fortunate man for when words might fail Love will always prevail

  2. I dated someone years back that had served in Vietnam, his wounds like most of those that did return were not on the outside. He had gone too deep in himself that there was no reaching him. I am glad you reached your Rob. War is hell. War - Raw. War,it rips the facade off of humanity and leaves us raw.

  3. Before the days when there was a term for ptsd, before people realized wounds went deeper than just the physical...
    Rob was lucky in love. :)


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