Friday, September 15, 2017


Daily Draw: Green Witch Tarot ~ Temperance/Sidhe

The Druidcraft name this card Fferyllt or Shaman
The Llewellyn calls her Keeper of the Well
Thoth based decks call her Art
Goddess Tarot calls her Yemana
There is also the Intergration, Mingler, Golden Flower...

She is represented by a giraffe pair, any number of anthropomorphied felines, tigers in surf, angels and faeries, a crane, rabbit, badger, ferret, multiple goddesses, Buddha, muscleman, triclops, figure hanging over the porcelain throne, stick figure...

All that said to say, we can find or seek temperance in any situation. Patience, communication, organization, blending, all in aid of balance.


  1. I love this card in all it varieties. In Steven Bright's new deck "The spirit Within" it is a DJ who mixes different kinds of music into a sound

  2. A man urinating? There's really a deck with this?

  3. Maybe, just maybe we can find temperance. If Time is on our side.

  4. Ah. My bad. When clicked on he is pouring out his goblet. Spanks eyes, fixes post :)


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