Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Daily Draw: Shaman's Oracle ~ Shaman of Reflections

The real me.
What is the truth and what is skewed in my own mirror regardless of how I sneak up on it?
Is it all a lie? Is there a corner of truth if I reflect on what my whole consists of?
So much of why we are is buried even from self.
I think our brains would explode if we knew everything, dragged it out in the sun and let it shrivel.

I think our brains would explode.



  1. I am glad I don't remember everything but I wish I could decide what to keep and what to release. Honestly, what do I need the first four sentences in old Greek from the Odyssey for. I wish I could remember more of the good times I've shared with my husband.

    1. I'm where you are re: my mother. The hard times terrible times far outweigh the wonderful childhood my parents gave us, the mother I knew then. The job of turning my mind around seems insurmountable

      And I remember the outfit I wore to high school baccalaureate but not where my grey slacks are. My poor broken mind :)

  2. One of us running, one of us sitting still. :D Maybe together we'll keep things in balance.

    1. Your thoughtful approach on your blog helps me more than you can imagine.

  3. A nice simple game of peek-a-boo in the mirror with ourselves.


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