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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Reap The Whirlwind

Daily Draw: Shaman's Oracle ~ Hunter of Gifts

Sometimes the gift is insight. Brought to  me today via researching why numbers of Australian communities are dropping the idea of celebrating the founding of a county and citizenship based on building penal colonies.
Australia already had citizens with a country long before the coming of the white. Which brought me to

a country whose flag observation has come under scrutiny. A flag raised over the slaughter of the First Peoples, the eradication of their cultural norms, a war with roots based on treason. And money. Of course. Got land? We got beads.

Insight... A gift or a curse? I fly the American flag off my deck every day. I need to seriously rethink that. Thank you Mr. President, may you always reap unexpected consequences.

edited to add later: Still thinking...what about  my post from a few days ago, about how old is a country? Do we measure by government time or time time? Here in my country I believe we've had French and Spanish flags, Mexico's, Union and Confederate, Canadian and British flags, are we usurpers of their cultures too because we were here last?


  1. In my opinion definitely a gift, so we can try not to make the same mistakes as a our forefathers.

  2. I could be okay with the Revolution; not so much the shameful way we treated the indigenous population.

  3. Time is such an interesting concept. Establishing a homogenous conception of time is a work of power that produces logical conformism.

    Can you tell I'm reading your post while writing the thesis?

    1. good job! I'll sharpen your pencils and fetch tablets!


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