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Saturday, September 16, 2017


Daily Draw: Green Witch Tarot ~ 4 of Coins

Looks like she has already moved her coins away from the door, put them on the fireplace, and thinking about the person who wants in, is taking them back down. Some common sense responsibility going on here.

If I could revamp schooling, I'd eliminate sports that use a small number of players, and add in yoga from year one. I'd have ongoing fiscal stewardship classes beginning year one. By middle school we'd know the name and location of every country in the world. Oh, basic four of coins practically, we hardly knew ye.


  1. That is a much more practical curriculum then the one they have now.
    Ps love the little tortoise!

  2. sweet. Humans don't live long enough to take on the care of a parrot or tortoise. I'd love to know more about them though, maybe I'll go turtleing this morning.

  3. I remember taking a class in high school called Career Math. It was the basics in how to live an adult life - make a budget, balance a checkbook and pay bills, taxes, insurance etc. I'm with you on the need for practicality in education.

  4. The days of leaving the house unlocked because we lived in more simpler and safer time, long gone.


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