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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Wallow In The Loss

Daily Draw: Thoth Tarot ~ Moon

The dark side of the  moon.
Illusion and deception.
Where do the donations really go?
How are they applied once they get there?
FEMA is broke and has been for some time.
Flood insurance is tricksy, very expensive, and seldom pays out.

On the income producing side there are regular two hour bus tours of Hurricane Katrina (2005) abandoned New Orleans Ninth Ward neighborhoods.

I'm reminded by this card right and wrong walk narrow paths, side by side.


  1. Often life is more greyish than black and white

  2. There really are bus tours of Katrina devastated areas!? That seems obscene...

  3. On CBS Sunday morning they had a feature of all the worthless donations made in these catastrophic incidences. Like winter coats sent to Honduras and Malaysia. Worn out clothes and underwear, shoes that that didn't have a match or not secured together, prom dresses. What are people thinking? Breast milk - really? Maybe most have their heart in the right places and don't send money because of the proliferation of scams. Still you would think they would send new tooth brushes and bars of soap and batteries, instead of a pair on used holy worn out under panties. Rant over.

    1. the problem with some well meaning personal donations (Oprah's plane load of underwear) is if there isn't a system in place with experience in disaster relief to take them they just get tossed in a pile on the ground or dumped in warehouses. I'm not a fan of Red Cross, but they do have systems in place to help funnel who needs what where.

    2. I used to cut the hair of most of the women who ran the safe house/women's shelter. They absolutely hate the mindset of people who donated clothes, including the type of things you mention. What they REALLY REALLY need are things like sheets and towels, dishcloth and dishrags. Most of these women and families are starting from the ground up in their new places. Bleach, laundry soap, paper towels, bar soap. And good jeans and shirts are what they wear until they can get back up on their feet, in a safe environment.

      One of the ladies they brought in for a hair cut...her partner had yanked out her hair with pliers, then her teeth with the same pliers, and then threw her parrot into the over. Dress suits? really? Cash donations for ongoing medical always fit. My hobby horse could really get carried away on the subject of donations.

    3. We can only hope people will develop a better sense of things. Compassion being the first on the list.


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