Saturday, September 9, 2017

Without Forethought

Daily Draw: Thoth Tarot ~ Knight of Coins;

Pranayama breath, before battle. But wait, the flail in his right hand was used for threshing wheat. He'd end up decommissioning his horse before he got to the fight. The stag on his helmet was associated with prudence.  Prudence in that 'it seemed like a cool idea at the time' for a hat design?

I'm reminded by this figure no matter how we plan an incursion we will have missed or forgotten or didn't take into account something important. Rethinking on the move is a specialty of this Knight because he has the resources to make it happen.


  1. I think your post was meant for me today... Eek.

    1. those miles and miles of fleeing folk. Is the sky falling, or not? I'm sure I've told the story, but the one time we had to evacuate I put the animals in the jeep, my sewing machine,and a pair of grubby gardening shoes and some medicine I hadn't taken in years. And there is me saying his helmet is ridiculous. On the other hand we always have 12 gallons of water on hand. No power, no water here.

  2. Let's shope lots of these knights are assistings those who forgot something important while fleeing from or barricading their homes


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