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Thursday, October 5, 2017


Daily Draw: Lojong for the Layperson ~ Slogan 11

We are to take adversity as it comes, and rebuild. We can and do create our own problems, but owning is good. It creates a situation we can work on. Setting the ego aside that swears everything is caused by someone else and then praying someone else fix it... oh, humans....

Following up on Slogan 48. I hate peas. Enough that I was willing to sit at the table alone until 7-8 o'clock until I finished them. I never did, bedtime would release me. Looking back, what I hated was boiled peas. So, thinking about Slogan 48 I bought Green Giant mixed veg steamers.  Granted, these veg are all starch, but they were delicious. Peas marked off the hate list. My mother would be astounded.

Putting my ego in a Steamers bag for five and a half minutes would probably be, a good thing.


  1. Steamed egos... now that would be interesting!

  2. Same kind of story but then Cauliflower: When I moved out and got to eat it with a friend one time but then without the heaps of bechamel sauce which my mother used to serve it with, I loved it. :)

    1. believe it or not I learned to love broccoli from a hospital meal.

  3. No peas, what?
    Steamed egos, that would take the firm line out of someone, steam their egos indeed.
    I can't stand canned peas. Yuck.
    Just came in from a good long moon howling.

    1. yesterday's moon is competing with a gorgeous sunrise


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