Saturday, October 7, 2017

Chewed Leaf

Daily Draw: Lojong for the Layperson ~ Slogan 25

Owning our own internal injuries.
Ignoring the injury causing faults in others.

Do I mean faults of or in others?
Does that mean ignoring? Accepting? Respecting? Not sure where this goes, perhaps it depends on the depth of injury? And whether it is injury to us or self inflicted injury or even imaginary? In reference to others doesn't it all come down to judging someone. Maybe that is the crux of the matter. Stop judging.

I judge myself harshly. I can see that causes internal injuries. I wonder if I can roll those around in my internal hands, recognize, own, then flip them over my shoulder and and tend to what is happening rather than what has happened.

Perhaps the author/artist of this deck will steer me back on the path.