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Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Daily Draw: Lojong for the Layperson ~ Slogan 19

From the chapter on evaluating our practices, we are asked to review what path we follow. Is it a path based on what everyone else is doing or saying. Ego, even a broken ego can run our life in ways we don't even notice because it is routine.

I have said a number of times what I write here is for me, it doesn't have to make sense, it isn't meant to lecture, I don't care if anyone else reads it.

But I realized last week that apparently I do care. I looked at visitor statistics and saw my traffic dropped by half after my tarot forum closed. My ego keeps pointing me to find out how to up traffic. My little ego keeps slapping my face. Maybe by exposing it in these words that itch will go away.

But I want no you don't but I want no you don't But I I I I....


  1. Hi hi, I have to admit I do look at my stats once in while too and I also share on IG that I have written a new post but like you, my mean reason to blog is for myself.
    Perhaps if you add tags to your post you can be found easier on Google. Also filling in the properties of your images might help with this

    1. I did tags for awhile, but can't see the point as all that stuff is in the post. Why would it make a difference?
      I always name my images, deck and card name, is that what you mean? thanks!

    2. Yes, naming them in blogger that helps, not just giving a name to the file
      Google uses the tags you give your post to make you posts more easy to find

  2. I never thought of the forum closing as something that would affect visitor count. Another thing to make my self-orbit wobble a bit. :)

    1. wobble wibbles wobble but they never fall down. I think that is from Brit wit are you being served.
      Some of traffic is from your side blog list.

  3. I guess I am clueless, I have not looked at stats.
    When I first saw your title IIII i thought of all the times i see 1111. What's up with those ones. Angel message,pathways, make a wish, doorway to beyond, the 4 pillars? What's your take on 1111/IIII?

  4. no take at all! I've seen people go mad trying to figure out multiple sightings of a group of numbers, not going there.

    Where you write your post is called the Dashboard. On the left hand side there is a column which will say posts, stats, earnings etc. Click on Stats and page that comes up with give general numbers.

    Gotta run, puttiing in front windows today


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