Saturday, October 14, 2017

Let It Be

Daily Draw: Moon Oracle ~ Full Moon in Water

Emotions and events are working toward successful outcomes.

As a Scorpio in this moon, I have a tendency to not leave well enough alone, give it a poke, give it some gas, redo something that doesn't need redone. I'm not a perfectionist..just a muddler I guess.


  1. That card reminds of a kaleidoscope; those cardboard ones we got as kids. Twist and turn for all those intriguing plays of light. Maybe that is why you poke and prod, to see things in different a different light with swirling hues.

  2. for a short period of time I collected kaleidoscopes. I stopped at three :)

  3. Did you happen to throw rocks at wasp or hornet nests when you were young? :)

  4. no. but it was easier to slingshot as a kid. As an adult I need 'skills'..

  5. Perhaps a muddler gets more done than a perfectionist who could be too afraid to even try :)


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