Saturday, October 21, 2017

Let It Come

Daily Draw: Tao Oracle ~ Hexagram 58 Joyous

Be open to joy rather than seek it aggressively.
Be open, let it come.

I learned this truth twice. By doing three gratitudes a day for three years. Once I got past the food/shelter/family mind set I opened up to a myriad of things I'd missed every day of my life because I took them for granted, beneath importance, brushed them off.

I learned this truth the second time during five years of bleak black depression. I think if I hadn't done my prior gratitudes for those years I would have thought I had nothing to live for. But I knew where joy was, knew it was far fetched from happy. Joy is deep. I am joyous I know how to recognize it, let it roll over me, when I'd seen all the black I thought I could bear. Let it come.

Three Saturday Gratitudes:
Rob's amazing peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies. He spent all day Wednesday making my winter stash.

My Kindle book app. Up now: One Small Candle: The Pilgrims' First Year in America, Thomas Fleming. Did you know the muskets of the 1600s were five foot long and if you had a bear charging you there had to be a lit match ready in order to use the gun.

Honcho and Ash, my kittens. A laugh a minute.


  1. Easy to forget that joy can't be purchased, chased down or caged.

  2. You are are wealth of information. So much joy being able to read. My three gratitudes today are being able to read, my parents for making sure I got the education and learned how to read, and the internet where I discovered your blog and enjoy reading it daily.
    Peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies, yum.

  3. What a precious gift to have husband who can bake cookies for you
    Thank you for inspiring me to write down my three joys for today:
    Drawing in my sketchbook after a long long time
    Riding my bike on a sunny afternoon
    Cherry tomatoes with pesto


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