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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Oddball File

The subject of Certification comes up often. Who needs it, where do you get it, what to do with it, how much does it cost.
These have been in the behind everything else tarot related drawer, thought I'd give them a little sun and air.  (they are a joke son, don't get excited) Awarded by the Fulgour Prentice Institute


  1. It's good to know this blog has some serious qualifications Dr. Woerz :D

  2. Those are hilarious. :D I missed Fulgour when he disappeared from the ATF.

  3. 11 years since the award of your doctorate, must be a professor by now...:D

  4. Hello! I am Fulgour Prentice. I made these certificates, customized them per individual, and emailed them, ready to print, for free, to anyone requesting it. I do think I did an impressive job with the design and layout. Even gave myself one, proudly framed, hanging on the wall still, after so many years. -- Best Wishes Always

    1. I know, you were a treasure at AT and were sorely missed. I've inquired after you on several of the new and unimproved forums over the years. If you are still in the mood for tarot conversation please join us at Stay well old friend ~

  5. Fulgour (usually spelled fulgor) generally translates as splendid, brilliant. Prentice is easy, apprentice. Put them together and you get "brilliant student" which translates as sophomore, and thence we arrive at Wise Fool.

    Thank you for your kind and thoughtful reply. I will revisit the Purple Palace (AT) hoping to see you there.

  6. Oh wait. I see.

  7. Yes, Kate shut the AT doors 3 years ago.


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