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Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Daily Draw: Tao Oracle ~ Hexagram 64 Completion

Pear shaped.
Round file it.
Right dog's dinner.
Foiled again.
Jiggers, the fuzz.
Cross purposes.
Frog stitching.
That is just off the top of my head, I'm sure there are unlimited phrases to signify loss of faith in a project or relationship.

Hexagram 64, the final one, would have us review ourselves first.
Big fat hurry.
Cutting corners.
Short funded.
And of course our old friend, ego.


  1. You have mentioned 'ego' quite a lot lately, are you having a battle of wills with yourself? Any wish I can send to you? Lay the contest down for today and play with the kitties and don't forget the doggies, and don't forget Rob, and lastly don't forget yourself.

  2. ego comes up a lot in I Ching, probably all 64 of them if I were to sit down and read them as a book.
    The kittens are getting so big! I can't carry both of them at the same time :) Rob is building a new chicken house for my little girls. To hear him tell it, he is building the mansion for the little rooster Peanut...

  3. Despite all of it I am positive he will get to the other side :)

  4. "Round file it" and " frog stitching" are two I haven't heard of before. :D

    1. round file is an office trash can.
      frog stitching is maybe unique to quilters. Seam ripper + ripit ripit ripit..


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