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Thursday, October 26, 2017


Daily Draw: Ostara Tarot ~ 7 of Wands

Maintain your position, or improve upon it.

The Hoquiam River ran through the farm where I grew up, with a big alder bottom at each end. For a farmer, alder is just another word for handy firewood. For a kid, alder is just another way to the sky.

"We'd never know how high we are, till we are called to rise; and then, if we are true to plan, our statures touch the sky". ~ Emily Dickinson  1830-1886


  1. I've used many a Southern magnolia for the same thing. Thanks for the nice memory.

  2. I loved to climb trees when I was young. Up was easy...

  3. And we climbed with ease, never giving a thought to why, how to map out a plan, or what would happen if we fell or failed. If we could tackle life as "it is just a tree" is a wonderful thing, but it comes with a price. Why Not to do something.

  4. The view from the top of a tree is magical. I think that is where I first realize there was more to Life than my backyard.


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