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Monday, October 9, 2017

Scrape My Brain

Daily Draw: Moon Oracle ~ Black Moon in Earth

Economy is recommended, no new investments, begin nothing that involves risk, cut back on expenses.

If you knew a comet is likely to strike and change the world as we know it, how would you prepare? What are the first things you'd ditch? No power. No fuel. No grocery stores being resupplied. No medicines. No hospitals. No police or army. No government left. Money worth zip.

I'm listening to Lucifer's Hammer Niven/Pournelle 1977. No heroes here, just tough decisions, life or death every day. If living required economy every single day in day out, how would your life change? If the economy was based on barter, what skills do you have that would make you a keeper?

I've only scraped up three things so far, it would have to be a pretty small community to make me worth keeping. Eek.


  1. I wouldn't last long in such a situation.

  2. I am not sure there is anyway to prepare for the change, I would stock up on toilet tissue. Hole onto the civility for as long as possible. If it is an asteroid, I can hope to be out with the impact and then there would be no worries.

  3. Having been without power and other niceties in the past because of various 'acts of God,' what helped me stay sane was knowing it wouldn't last forever. Without that hope, it would be a hard row to hoe.


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