Sunday, October 22, 2017

Skill Set

Daily Draw: Ostara Tarot ~ 3 of Coins

The card of the apprentice.

I can sum myself up as lifelong apprentice, master of none. I can live with that, but I've often thought my real skill/mission/talent is hidden from me because there are millions of things to do in a wide world.

I'm reminded by this card to wonder what my skill set direction would be had I been born in Andorra, Curacao, Latvia, Sierra Leone...?


  1. That is a great question. As see people and lifestyles on tv or read in books and think, I could't live that way. I wonder if 'that way' was all you knew, there would be acceptance, well maybe.

  2. Perhaps your skill is to be open to many options and to approach them with an inquisitive mind

  3. People who are lifelong learners are the most interesting. :)


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