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Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Daily Draw: Moon Oracle ~ Hecate

Virgin, mother, crone.
Bearer of riches, magic, wisdom, victory. Not necessarily in that order.
Known to travel with a pack of hounds.
Lover of remote and dark places.

Not a mother, certainly believe in magic and aim for wisdom.
Travel with my two dogs and two kittens. All four discards, each special beyond words.
Like many of  my compatriots, my mind runs to remote and dark places, driven by outrage, embarrassment, fear, sorrow.

I've taken up the slingshot.


  1. She sounds like a perfect goddess for you! Two wise ladies with their pets

  2. You are a mother of sorts,just not to humans. :)

  3. We are in the Season of Hecate. The 'dark' time of the year, until the wheel begins to turn December 21.

  4. I didn't know Hecate had hound friends. Your four travel friends are lucky to have you just as you are fortunate to have found them.


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