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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Aced It

Daily Draw: Ananda Tarot ~ 3 of Coins/Spheres

Our creativity needs to adjust to personal requirements and current conditions. There is a duh statement I've never thought through.

I'm reminded by this card the current quilt I'm working on is made up of men's cotton shirts garnered at Goodwill Outlet Store, $1.00 a pound. Worked out to 12 pounds which worked out to about 30 yards of fabric.

Retail fabric is $10-15.00 a yard now. To go out and buy fabric for a quilt can run $200-300.00  today. Personal requirements/current conditions. Aced it.


  1. Lumber, fabric... all sorts of resources seem to have skyrocketed in price.

  2. Your are a crafty savvy gal, just what the Three of Pents notates. Me, I am not sure I can get through a week of dog sitting.


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