Monday, November 27, 2017

Magician, Rebirthed

Daily Draw: Margarete Petersen Tarot ~ Magician/Magic

Recycling is magic to me. Send off the rinsed packaging, and wow, it comes back, rebirthed clean and new. It feels good to do, like one person can  make a difference. Ever wonder how that works? Sorted in the US, bundled, shipped off to China to be broken down and resold back to us.

I'm reminded by this card China is starting a shiny new 2018 by refusing to take most of the world's waste because it isn't cleaned and sorted well enough. Our paper mills are excited because right now they can't afford to buy junk paper to make recycled paper items, China outbids them.

Where will the rest go? Landfill fodder.
But beyond that, I wonder why milk and detergent bottles are recyclable and yogurt and cottage cheese aren't?


  1. Who knew? Interesting tidbits that you share.

    1. that is my mind, a teetering tidbit with a tenuous grip on life and living

  2. Holy cow, I had no idea we shipped our waste to China for recycling. That's obscene. I don't blame them for changing their minds.


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