Thursday, November 2, 2017

Knight Bus

Daily Draw: Ostara Tarot ~ Ace of Coins


I'm reminded by this card of a Fool card. The weight of the coin will surely pull the field  mouse over the bank. But focus. Maybe he has a plan. Keep hold and let go of fear of finishing? Those look like straw flowers, not very soft to land on. Perhaps swing it over his head and back, thereby pulling himself away from the edge and keeping his find? Does a field mouse need a coin? Does he  need it for a field mouse bus going to town?

Which makes me think of the Knight Bus from Harry Potter. The bus changes shape and speed depending on current traffic needs. Relying on the focus of the driver. Which brings me back to the key to the Ace of Coins.

Harry Potter: "How come the Muggles don’t hear the bus?"
Stan Shunpike: "Them! Don’ listen properly, do they? Don’ look properly either. Never notice nuffink, they don’" ~ Harry talking to Stan the Knight Bus Conductor/


  1. Maybe the mouse brought her treasure coin to the wishing well, or what could be her wishing will, the edge of her world. Maybe the Ace of coins can take her beyond her limitations.

  2. That's one thing a mouse can do very well: looking and noticing everything around him.

  3. Oh that night bus...quite a ride....


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