Saturday, December 16, 2017


Daily Draw: Santa Fe Tarot ~ Queen of Wands/Rainbows

Rainbow Woman casts a fiber from her weaving skyward, to help the little ones find their way back home.

I'm reminded by this card, we have to make a home to have a home. On the very few times my mother wasn't there when we came home from school, the dark and empty house was upsetting, not to put too fine a point on it. Enough so I can still feel it all these years down the road. I'm sure that is why I always have a light burning in several rooms. That frivolous waste of electricity says home to me.


  1. I knew a guy who lived in an RV. He liked being on the road, but I always wondered if he missed seeing that light in a window somewhere, waiting for him.

  2. Lights throughout the home always seem to make the home more comforting and cheery. This time of year I leave lights on all the time to ward off the darkness of the short days.

  3. The Smiths wrote a song about this ‘there is a light and it never goes out’


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