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Monday, December 25, 2017

Get Started Somewhere

Daily Draw: Roots of Asia Tarot ~ Knight of Coins

"Full of potential, lacks experience" (Boonyawan)

"Need experience, potential pointless, come back when proficient at this job." This is the tune I faced when first hunting for employment as an adult. Applying for a waitress job, I'd have 200 competitors. 318 people applied for my first secretarial job. That  was the 70's. Now we have -5% employment and all doors have signs saying help wanted.

At -5% we shouldn't have anyone who wants to work, out of work.
The real story is how the job market has changed. The 70's market wasn't much different from the 60's and 50's market. Current job market? No one takes paper resumes anymore, applications are all by computer. Hard to get your top notch potential across...

What hasn't changed is if you want to get on, you have to get started.


  1. Brr, cold. Today is a good day to remain indoors and keep warm. Leave your knight's traveling for another day.
    Happy Christmas

  2. My daughter spends a lot of time at her library job helping people create an email and apply for online jobs.


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