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Saturday, December 9, 2017


Daily Draw: Shakespeare Tarot ~ Moon

Venus and Apollo

The super moon doesn't get bigger, but closer to earth than normal. 
A blue moon can actually appear red, becoming a blood moon. 
There is also the black moon, harvest moon, flower moon, worm moon...

All said to say, like the  moon, we are variable in our masks and moods. No surprise there. The Moon card from all decks is my favorite, I have a small collection and am always on the look-out for more. But I absolutely don't collect anything. Variable...what can I say?

"Everything has a natural explanation. The Moon is a great rock, and the Sun is a hot rock". Anaxagoras ~  510-428 BCE


  1. Your blog is like the moon - you always have something different or unusual today. My visits here are never boring. :)

  2. I saw an enormous blood moon rise a couple of years ago taking up more than half the horizon. I can understand why earlier people seeing such a thing believed it a portent.

  3. I wonder how you find working with the Shakespeare Tarot with it's horizontal renderings?

    1. hard... I wouldn't use it for reading for others though, not because of the orientation (that was one of the reasons I bought it) but because who knows enough about Shakespeare to know what cards you are looking at? I finally titled them myself. Chris's dedication to his subject is amazing, and viewpoint can help get one past keywords. Thank you for stopping by, Sharyn


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