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Friday, December 8, 2017

Same Only Different

Daily Draw: Shakespeare Tarot ~ 10 of Coins
The Sonnets
Fair Youth, Rival Poet, Dark Lady

If I understand it correctly, this collection was published in 1605, five years after Shakespeare's death. Were they his?  This deck has about twenty extra cards; bad quartos  and false folios. Yesterday I pulled them out of the deck and looked them up.

After thinking about this card and sonnets for four hours I'm reminded there have always been knock-off artists and fake news. People we despise who have good points and good people who do things that shock or alarm us. This card could be said to be a microcosm of the World card. We are all still here, the same only different. So we think.


  1. I don't mind fake as long as it's called by it's true name - fiction.

  2. Aha, you are using this deck! I am on the fence about it. The book looks great but some of the collage is very busy and hard to see, as is the font. Did you buy the book as well Sharyn?

    I have a huge collection of books on Mr. Shakey, as well as a wonderful audio series on the plays from The Great Courses. I keep thinking this would make a good companion to them all. Plus it's landscape mode.

    1. Yes, Chris packed in everything but the kitchen sink.I think I've had all the Shakespeare decks, which led to purchasing the entire works, annotated. And read them! I never knew there were annotated books until I heard you mention them.
      Yes I got the companion book. Chris's name appears nowhere on it, the cover credits Oxfords World Classic. It is out of copyright, so he many have cherry picked and added the card images.
      I would never use this for reading someone's card but I like it as a blog prompt. And yes, the oldie english font on the cards is hard for me to read. I'd never call that a deal breaker though.
      And the courts are fairly plain.

    2. Okay thanks Sharyn. I think I will give this a miss. If it was his own art and writing it would be different, but alas.


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