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Monday, December 4, 2017


Daily Draw: Shakespeare Tarot ~ 9 of Coins/Crowns
Portia; Merchant of Venice

Portia was left an enormous fortune, yet by the law of the day it would all pass to her husband when she marries.
Who she would marry was by a complicated father devised lottery, which via pinochle she subverted in order to chose for herself.
She later commits suicide by swallowing hot coals.
Crimeanitly. It is just a story, but it reflects the stringent curbs women have had to live with over millenniums. 9 of Coins was illusion.

I'm reminded by this card and story to be incredibly thankful for the freedoms and rights I have today, in this country. We aren't straw-headed puppets and are free to work toward the goals and results we desire.


  1. The myths are no less horrific than real life. Like you, I am grateful for the strides women have made.

  2. A report on the national news noted that Saudi Arabia is going to allow women to drive. "ALLOW' We take a lot of freedoms for granted and all I am thankful for. Times are changing for Women, slow, but The Wheel turns.

  3. As late as 1979/80 here many banks requested young females to have a letter from a man in authority to say they were responsible enough to open a simple bank account with no credit. We have come a long way. Still some work to do on the gender pay gap though...

  4. we only got the vote in 1920. Equality should be a given, not a right or privilege to be fought for


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