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Thursday, January 18, 2018


Daily Draw: Minchiate Etruria ~ Knight of Cups

Positive situations offering regular positive opportunities.
Wow. Go Minchiate! Bring it on!

If I passed this gentleman in the street I'd probably quickly glance away rather than gawk creating an uncomfortable or rude impression. Which is mean, he isn't invisible after all...
That touchiness comes from living with my little brother and all the reactions I've seen him deal with over a lifetime.

Yet here is our Knight, gentle, different, offering a large portion of positiveness.
I would wish the world filled with kindness for how much have I missed from people who are different from birth? I may present a impression of normality, yet inside I'm just as different as our Knight. We all are aren't we?


  1. I think it is much like turning away from the homeless; it makes us uncomfortable because we don't know what to say. Though I imagine they'd prefer it if we treated them like any other human being.

  2. We are all unique in our own oneness. I grew up in a small community on the edge of the booming metropolis, went to Catholic school with limited diversity, which I am sure lead to some gawking early on in my outward ventures. I understand now that those that are different from the "mainstream" are gifts that have chosen to help teach us love and compassion.


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