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Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Daily Draw: Crystal Tarot ~ Death

From deadly serious to crack me up, the Death card runs the gamut.
Old fashion shriek in the dark readers to party hearty good times readers, the result is generally the same for the querent. The sky is falling the skyisfallingwhydidIask...

I'm reminded by these cards I probably felt the same when I began to study tarot. Some readers even leave the card out of the deck, nope no death for me, not going there. Many tarot deck creators rename it something other than the bony beast it is.

Modern readers may define it as renewal, going forward, moving on, transformation. Probably doing it the hard way by being forced to recognize fossilized habits. A rather benign card recommending a restart lest the Tower arrives. There is the real sky is falling event...
(card 2 Andriy Zholudyev)


  1. Funny that you drew Death after The Sun. Dark and Light, Here and There, Off and On. Opposites that bring balance.

  2. When I first started reading, it was the Tower that freaked me out. That Crystal Tarot is sumptuous (and that second one makes me grin!).


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