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Saturday, January 6, 2018


Daily Draw: Thoth Tarot ~ Queen of Cups

I have trouble with my depth perception. I looked at this card trying to understand why the horizon line was there and what did it mean, that submerged second Queen?
I pulled up google images and found an enormous card, where it was immediately obvious the bottom of the image was a pond and I was seeing a reflected view on the surface, not a second Queen below the water line. Doh.

All  that said to say, sometimes we see ulterior motives, an underlying conspiracy, signs of trouble ahead, or unverified wishes being granted. It takes time to ferret out the whole picture and we don't always have it or take it, life is hurry hurry hurry. Reflections can be honest, but seldom real, a ripple changes the entire image.

And wearing our heart on our sleeve invites a too willing nature to believe what we think, rather than what we see.


  1. Sometimes there's quite a span between belief and reality. :)

  2. Reflections are always softer versions of an event, past or present.


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