Sunday, January 7, 2018


Daily Draw: Crystal Tarot ~ Strength/Energy

Subduing personal fear.

No idea why I'm afraid of moths. Always have been probably will be always. Used to be afraid of horses, and would faint dead away if one was presenting anger. Did manage to pet a few equine noses in the past decade, a banner win.

I'm reminded by these three sunflowers they are one way of fighting fear of cancer. As an icon sunflowers have gotten me a long way from fear of cancer to strength of attitude.

Rob plants them for  me every year. It helps to have a icon against fear. And a Rob.


  1. Having a Rob is priceless in times of fear!

  2. Sunflowers, so lovely, comforting, and full of sunshine. One of the most beautiful things I have seen is driving across Kansas in later summer, with field after field of Sunflowers. Magical

  3. What a wonderful, caring man you've married. It's hard not to like a sunflower...

  4. Hugs for Rob, i think that he is a sunflower


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