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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Worth Learning

Daily Draw: Crystal Tarot ~ Page of Coins

Apprenticeship. For it? Against it?
Cosmetology license required 1600 hours over 18 months to two years. I estimate that was about 1/3 study and 2/3 hands on.  Flexibility in the schedule because many students are single parents with time conflicts or were holding down a job.
Rob's journeyman diesel apprenticeship was 4000 hours hand on, 840 class hours.
Real estate license required passing a 150-hour pre-license course and a state licensing exam. I chose to go with a firm that offered an additional six week course in real estate reality.

I'm reminded by this card, anything worth learning is worth learning.


  1. Being successful is often more about commitment and dedication than it is about talent

  2. Amen. But I wish my older self could have convinced my younger self of some things back then. :)

  3. Learn something new everyday. When I got in real estate not much training was available. Being the bookworm after passing state exam, I went to library and read 4 or 5 books on it and spent some time with a seasoned agent. Still you just have to get out there. I am amazed at how many homeowners do not ask, "how long have you been selling homes?"

  4. Where we went wrong with our education system (target that 50% must go to university) Devalued skilled trades, built lofty expectations for jobs that don’t exist and failed to take into account that only around 5% of learners are interested in theory.


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