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Friday, February 2, 2018

Don't Ask Don't Tell

Daily Draw: Tabula Mundi Tarot ~ 4 of Coins/Discs

Usually shown as a crabby little man, possessive, stingy.
The way I saw my parents when as a kid, I'd ask for money.
Knew they had it, couldn't understand why I couldn't have some.
Which makes me wonder if kids who get an allowance turn out to be better stewards of their own finances as adults?

They surely learned "can I have an advance" translates to credit card debt, not more cash? I'm reminded by this card finances is a mum subject in this country. You don't ask and you don't tell. Why? Haven't got a clue. But our 4 of Coins base determines the rest of the suit and our stingy guy knows it. Lose it now, lose the suit.


  1. We didn't get an allowance. We could however get money for doing odd jobs or extra chores. I remember picking up many pounds of pecans to sell...

    1. when we lived in the sticks it was fairly easy to make money, baby sitters were in high demand plus selling berries or bark or pulling ferns. Then we moved to town when I was 13 with no resources to make money...eek. The thought behind this post was asking mother for some cash to take to the state fair. She scrounged in her wallet and came up with $2.50. Which would have just about covered the entrance fee.
      I was never taught to manage money, but knowing how to make it was a good start.

  2. I really like the final observation. "Lose it now, Lose the suit." That is keenly insightful.


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