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Friday, February 16, 2018


Daily Draw: Art of Life Tarot ~ 3 of Cups

Exuberant celebration.

What takes a celebration beyond normal to exuberant? Just curious.
New Years? Sleep through it. Superbowl winners? No TV, sports puts  me to sleep. Long awaited healthy baby birth? But we mustn't wake the baby.

In my experience exuberant includes alcohol. Equals Sharyn at idiot level. Not going there again. I will think on Exuberant through the day. While I work on  my Barn Quilt.


  1. Love those sweet (exuberant) faces. They are growing fast!

  2. Were you holding a treat to get them both to keep looking up. Treats are worth celebrating and friends furry and others.

  3. no, just going by. I don't carry my phone on me anymore so miss a lot of cute or funny shots.

  4. Honcho will be a year next month, Ash a year in May. Time tears by for everyone doesn't it.


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