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Monday, February 26, 2018

Full Circle

Daily Draw: Animals Divine ~ King of Wands

Ever wonder how the King of Wands evolved? Hunt suggest we have the same options, choosing creatures from nature and studying their habits and life spans, meditating on the reason they are still with us rather than extinct.

Not something I've thought about before having never wanted to be king in any form. Gama Sennin came to be  called the Toad Hermit, eventually becoming able to assume the toad persona at will.

I don't want to be a toad either, but I can see the logic of deep study of anything, the more we know the more we know, eventually becoming the leader, explorer, risk taker which is the full circle back to the King of Wands


  1. He definitely looks like the Hermit, and maybe that is part of the King of Wands and our journey. My Father always told us 'THEY' can take everything away from us but the knowledge and information we learn.

  2. my dad aways told me to never spend all my money in one place. Not particularly helpful ;)


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