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Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Pendleton Shirt

Daily Draw: Animals Divine Tarot ~ Empress

Hera reversed speaks of a loving personality crossed by jealously.
I've seen marriages and relationships implode via jealously whether deserved or not.

I've only had one brush with this vicious trait and going on 48 years later I still remember how it turned my personality upside down. I'll tell the story and you guess what I was really mad about.

At the foster home where Rob was eventually placed, there was a family with nine daughters across the street. These long term friendships predated me by a lifetime in a manner of speaking.

A few weeks after we were married, before I learned that trust is key, I went through his wallet. And found a picture of him with his arm around a girl's shoulder. Jealous? Wow. How did I know it wasn't an old photo? Rob was wearing the Pendleton shirt I'd gotten him for Christmas. I never said a word, I was too embarrassed over my own behavior.  But I managed to ruin the shirt not long after...


  1. Jealousy is often more about our own insecurity than about someone else's behavior. My dear, you were young and in love. I've been there, done that and luckily we've survive it too :)

    1. An eye opening observation. I Was insecure and that was what possessed me to riffle the wallet.

  2. Having been in a business for years that employed many young lasses, we learned to communicate quickly after several misunderstandings that mushroomed like the blast of an atomic bomb. :D

  3. The Green-Eyed Monster prods us all.


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