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Monday, February 19, 2018


Daily Draw: Hermetic Tarot ~ Emperor

There is no wind this morning but the smoke from the garage woodstove is in constant flux. Just like authority.

At this minute I can disregard any authority at all.
If I decide to remodel my house suddenly the county building codes, permits, and inspectors rule the job.
Were I foolish enough to get a speeding ticket, suddenly the police and courts hold sway over an important part of living in the sticks. No buses here.
Were I to catch cancer again, I am the authority, but guided by dozens of lesser authorities.

I'm reminded by this Emperor, freedom is an illusion that requires vigilance to maintain.


  1. Freedom is indeed an illusion just as for instance security is. It makes life bearable I guess

  2. His foot holds down the worker bee. Don't think I'm very fond of this fellow.

  3. which translates to the Ram in Hermeticism. Whatever that means...

  4. Very nicely put. Most of all of it is an illusion.


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