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Monday, March 19, 2018


Daily Draw: Victorian Fairy Tarot ~ Lovers/Bride

Current statistics, 1st 10 years: 53% of marriages make it, 47% don't. Possibly fake news. We just hit 48 years. I wonder where the statistics for long term unions are kept. Census? We undered the radar on the last two.

I'm reminded by this card how little the marriage day means.
How we conduct ourselves all the days after is what matters.
This news coming from an eloper with a $35.00 wedding.


  1. "I'm reminded by this card how little the marriage day means.
    How we conduct ourselves all the days after is what matters."
    These words should be part of every marriage ceremony. I am in awe of you and Rob having 48 years together. My husband and I are celebrating our 29th today. :)

  2. I too am not and never was a desirer of a fancy wedding. No Princess for a Day for me, thank you! I have never liked to be the centre of attention in a group of people; it would be an ordeal, not a pleasure, not a celebration. When I married, my parents stood witness with a JP and we went for a nice supper after and spent the night in an expensive hotel. In the morning I regretted getting married. That marriage is now over and my former husband is a good friend. Occasionally I tease my current spouse about getting me that "big ring" and such, and sometimes he isn't sure I'm teasing and I have to remind him that yes indeed, a ring and a ceremony are the last things I want, as they mean absolutely nothing to me. What matters is loving and respecting each other every day, and not the promises or the institution. Still, you're together after 48 years; that's a worthwhile accomplishment if they've been mostly happy years. -Kate

    1. Rob was married, for 30 days, prior to me. She has no concept of what she threw away.
      When Rob shared with mother that he'd been married before she was quite concerned. "You do know you are getting a used husband, right?"

    2. " a used husband " 😁

  3. I thought about getting married a couple times and as knew I would not stay married to either of them for seventy years, what was the point? If you say I do then it should be I do. My high-school sweetie left a big whole in me that I was really never tempted to put myself in that deep again. If I draw the Lovers card, I just go look in the mirror, that's where I still need work.

    1. I'm sorry your heart was hurt, but believe me, marriage isn't the be all end all. any relationships are just one facet of life that require work, like everything else.


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