Wednesday, March 21, 2018

La-La Land

Daily Draw: Victorian Fairy Tarot ~ Fool

The Fool has strayed from the path by "entreating and enticing" fairy folk.

I worked with a lady who was a self-admitted multi-level sales junkie. Although she and her husband both had good businesses they were enticed by the call of easy free money. She'd always say, when the thrill died "I wish I had all the money we've spent on nebulous plans back, we'd be rich".

I've been working on an entrepreneurial idea lately, triggered by two cards last month. I hope I'm on the path and not wandering around in la-la land. 


  1. If your expectations are to make money, you might be disappointed. If the hope is to try something new and maybe make some money too, I doubt you'll be disappointed. :)


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