Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Lift A Cup

Daily Draw: Chinese Tarot ~3 of Cups

Resolution, conclusion, and a toast.
As I ponder those words I'm hard pressed to think of anything working up to a celebratory conclusion in my world. Probably one of the reasons I'm excited to get up and get going each day, to keep numerous pots on the boil.

Because my five year ordeal with deep depression has passed away this winter, maybe I should toast new starts? Enthused by my niece's amazing progress I've rejoined Weight Watchers, a program dear to my heart since the mid-seventies, and will kick my muffin top to the curb. Again

Next door are yoga classes, how serendipitous is that? I love yoga!

And I'm painting barn quilts, how much fun is that?  Tons! And I'm wishing I knew how to remake my blog page into a clear and crisp space.


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