Monday, March 12, 2018

My Block, Knocked Off

Daily Draw: Oracle of the Radiant Sun ~ Detachment

Venus in Aquarius in the 11th House
Love Principles Humanity

This detached head with the river of life  going by  pretty much nails my interaction with the real world.

If I'm detached, consolation is the knowledge the world has restarted at least six times after natural events have wiped out life. The current gnats will be gone soon and who will even care.

If my heart is torn on a personal level I detach, don't think or speak of the wound until heart and mind can find a common space to cope. Often, years later.

If everyone but me has been invited to the birthday party, I can grin and bear it. There are better worlds than this.

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  1. In the movie they shout "bad form" That pretty much sums a lot of it up.


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