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Saturday, March 3, 2018


Daily Draw: Animals Divine Tarot ~ 3 of Coins

How about honing our capabilities rather than skills. Ooo. Sounds hard, sound like work, as opposed to how smooth and skillfully we do what we already do well.

Easier to do what we already know? Preference for ego stroking when we do something we know well? Is it really easier to learn things as a child? Maybe they just learn quicker than adults because learning is their go to skill and adults potential is all wrapped up in gotta do and mind sinks.

A painful conundrum for me, the woman who used to wiggle in delight to learn something new. I'm grateful to have held on to the skills I have, which is a cop-out. I'll think today on what I'm capable of I'm ignoring.


  1. The artwork in this deck is gorgeous. I wonder if some people don't develop their talents because they think those of someone else are better.

  2. You, Bev, and I are all on same page. Something cosmic maybe. I don't know? I just know I cannot go on the way things are. Change is in the air. If I was younger I might throw caution to wind, but like your tiger, I will take slow, quiet, measured, steps.


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